Friday, May 11, 2018

POUFS: Useful for indoor and outdoor decoration!

In the summer or all year long, you can use poufs as seats in your living room or bedroom; it will bring a modern touch to your interior!

This accent furniture is a loyal friend; not only does it fit everywhere, it also has the best comfort. Between the armchair and the seat, the pouf is the compromise to get a perfect, adequate and relaxing position!

More than a pretty name, poufs are making headlines in the world of design and with plenty of good reason. For example, poufs are wonderfully versatile and easy to implement at home.

Used singly or in combination, poufs are stylish; a fun way to add pattern and texture to a room. Since they’re soft and portable, you don’t have to worry about moving them around and scratching the floor. 

4 tips to integrate poufs to your indoor space:
-          In front of a sofa or accent chairs: to keep your foot elevated while watching TV.
-          At the bed’s foot: perfect to dress up the room and enhance your cocoon’s décor.
-          In the home office: Keeping a pouf near your desk is making work and reading materials easier to access.
-          In the nursery: to elevate your feet while you’re relaxing in a chair and cradling the baby.

Now, would you like to bring a touch of freshness to your outdoor space? What would you say about integrating some comfortable poufs which would be the perfect decoration?

The main strong point of a pouf is the convenience, in other words it can be easily carried indoor or outdoor of your home. As soon as good weather’s arrival, you can take advantage of your poufs to sit comfortably and relax in the shade on your patio with a small fruit cocktail in your hand, while tanning at the water’s edge.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Green, Green & More Green

Green, Green & More Green!

From the runway straight to your home, green is making an entrance into 2017 and becoming one of the most prevalent colors yet. With endless tones and styles to choose from, green can easily be paired with any style preference. Unlike fashion, the world of home décor may hold onto a trend for quite some time, so no need to worry about green being pulled out from the home anytime soon. When green is incorporated into your furniture, it adds a touch of sophistication to your space, as it seems to restore new energy. Let’s take a look at how Pantone’s color of the year has made its way into your home.

Green seating:

The urban design of Ashley’s “Gavelston” dining chair features beautiful textured green upholstery that will surely make a statement in your dining room! Along with the espresso wood finish, this dining chair embodies the beauty found in natural aesthetics. Without having to look after plants, bring the same effect of freshness and rejuvenation into your space.

Green Rugs:
Sink your feet into a gorgeous “Caci” green shag pile rug that will have you feeling comfortable and delighted. The choice of color, along with the style of the rug is enough to make quite the statement! If you’re really feeling wild, then you may want to sport the crisp lime and cream “Kerry” area rugin a beautiful Moroccan trellis design. Without a shadow of a doubt, this rug rolls out refreshment and hits bullseye when it comes to being on trend.

Green Table Lamps:
Brighten up your room with the organic-inspired style of the “Sheaon” table lamp. The understated chic ceramic lamp features a rich green and a subtle-shaped base, topped with a textural linen-colored shade to capture the essence of elegance. There’s no denying that it’s timeless!

Including green into your home is definitely a wise choice! What are your thoughts on this color trend?

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Choosing the Right Dining Table

The dining room is a great and memorable place in one’s home. No one can deny that the dining table is a meeting point, where friends and family come together over a bountiful meal to catch up, share stories and even jokes. So everyone needs a dining table in their house!

There are countless styles of dining tables; they come in many different shapes and sizes.  How do you choose the right one? Here are some tips to help you select the right one:


You should choose a table that will fit your space and give you enough seating when hosting. Here are a few measurements guidelines to keep in mind before getting your table:
Allow 24″ between the table and the wall to let people easily sit down and get up from the table. Also, allocate 38″ if people are going to walk behind the table. 
When setting the table, outline 24″ for each place setting to let people sit comfortably without hitting elbows.


Think about your crowd. You should consider with whom you will be using the table: small family or/and large guest groups. Although a small table saves some space, the larger it gets, the harder it becomes to reach for platters.  If you choose to go big on the table, then go small on the seating!

Most tables come with additional leaves that you add or take off as you wish. Therefore, you can even choose a small table and accommodate a larger group whenever you have guests coming.
When looking to take up less room in your dining space, a bench on one side of your table is also a great option, because you can place it under the table until the next time you entertain. 


Go Rectangular! Since most dining rooms are rectangular, there is no doubt that rectangular –shaped tables are the most common. It is also a great shape for big gatherings, as you can seat at least six people. 
The square table is useful in a small or medium room that enables you to sit 4 people. When it comes to special occasions with a bigger crowd, you can always place two tables together to make a rectangular one! 

Consider a round table for a small and cozy room. It is the best shape for a small group of 3-4 people or more.  Since it has no corners, you can usually fit more people around it, especially if it is a pedestal table which allows for more legroom.

An oval table is similar to a rectangular-shaped table in terms of seating arrangements. Yet, it takes less space visually because of the rounded corners. 
Remember the “3S” tips Space, Size and Shape when choosing your dining table!

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Refreshing Spring

There is nothing more refreshing than springtime! Flowers grow, day length increases and the weather gets warmer…so why not set up a fresh breeze and soothing atmosphere at home while the season is progressing? Spring is a synonym for renewal and the trendy teal color embodies new horizons.
What a perfect time to freshen up your home with the color that looks perfect with your mood! Here are a few suggestions to help you build up a trendy breezy spring house:

1. Not afraid of the big change?
Make the big decision to change your furniture completely! Buy new a sofa and allow yourself, your family and your guests a better comfort while sitting in your living room.

The color teal can definitely relax the atmosphere and brighten your room by giving it a fresh look. Sometimes even a single item like an accent chair can make the difference!

2. Accessorize! Home accents can help while styling your house if you are not ready for a complete make over.  Bring your relaxed mood to another level with decorative pillows, wall art, lamps, rugs, ottomans and so on…

Come on, get inspired by home accents and browse with your emotions. Today is the day you are springing into a refreshing teal!

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Navy is the New Black

Navy is the new black:

In 2018, navy blue will be the preferred alternative to black. Whether your aim is to accent your room or to paint your walls, navy blue will add a modern twist, while lending a traditional feel to your home. That being said, it makes this color the perfect candidate to pair well with almost any color scheme and will add a certain sophistication to your room, without giving the eye an impression of being small. Let’s take a look at how navy blue can define your living room with the finesse you find in a picture perfect home décor magazine.

Your living room seating:
Put first things first. The fact is people get tired of flashy-colored sofasloveseats and chairs. If you’re not looking to change your furniture for a while and want to avoid cringing when you see the color once the fad is over, then sticking to a neutral color is the way to go. Picture a beautiful navy upholstered sofa in your living room. Just like the perfect Italian tailored suit, it will fit your space like a glove. The LaVernia collection is representative of this look with their beautiful selection of upholsteries and patterns.

Decorative Pillows:
Now that you nipped the living room seating in the bud, your choice of color scheme makes it quite easy to mesh well with the decorative pillows you may want to select. Again, it comes down to whether you want to stick to a traditional feel, which is timeless or if you have a wild streak and absolutely need to throw in some color. Besides, decorative pillows are not exactly the largest investment in the room! For a traditional feel, stick to navy blue and lighter shades of blue. If you want to add some character, fun patterns will add some visual interest. If adding contrasting colors is a must, then yellow is quite the happy color!

Home Décor:
Finally, the room is never complete without its accessories. Add throwscandleholdersvases and picture frames either in the traditional tones or in the contrasting tones if you prefer.

Now that you have your information about how navy blue will bring sophistication to your home, you can decipher whether this is the look you would like to achieve. Navy blue is the new black – the little black dress you will have in your home for many years to come.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns:

Geometric patterns are said to be all the rage in 2017. Although they began making an appearance in 2016, this pattern will surely be the front-runner this year. As you know art, fashion, design and beauty share common tendencies when it comes to the popularity of trends. It goes without saying that trends are cyclical, and therefore geometric patterns have reappeared because the 70s are back, but with a modern twist! Contrary to what some may think, geometrics are not strictly for modern homes, but have also made their place in a variety of different styles. Let’s take a look at how you can include geometrics in your home.

A really great way to accent a home with geometric patterns is with the use of poufs. Take one or a few to really dress up the space. Aside from being an accent, poufs count as multifunctional pieces because they can act as a footrest, additional seating or even a coffee table! Sounds like a great bargain!

Wall Art:
Geometric patterns have never looked better on paper. Although it’s a quite popular choice for wallpaper, some may find it too overwhelming. So how can you include this trend in a way that will not bury your walls? Wall art of course! Opt for chic framed art that uses intricate geometric patterns and hang them on a wall that can use some sprucing up. Check out the Odelia trio, which is a great organic take on modern abstract art.
Another fun way to include geometric patterns in your home is with a great area rug. From trellis to an alluring Moroccan design, invigorate your space with a fresh pattern that provides a rich contrast with your flooring. Whether you decide to opt for a more neutral pattern or brighter colors, either option will definitely add visual interest and depth to your space.

All in all, aim to choose geometric designs that will give your home a curated look. Each piece should be selected as though your room was carefully assembled, in order to avoid it being too overwhelming. 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

How To Add An Accent Chair To Your Living Room?

There is a list of a few questions you must ask yourself when looking to add an accent chair to your living room. Don’t worry; it doesn’t need to be complicated to match your furniture. Here are 5 simple questions you might ask yourself:

1.          Do your sofas have a design on them or do they have a solid color?
2.          Which color scheme are you using in your living room?
3.          Is there a common theme in your living room (florals, vintage, monochrome)?
4.          Which pattern would be the best match for your living room furniture?
5.          Where are you going to place your accent chair?

Based on these questions, you should be able to make a good choice. Now, little tips and advice to help you make a better choice:

·   If your sofas have designs or patterns, you must choose a whole-colored chair (in a color that we can easily see in your sofa’s design). When your sofas are whole-colored, you can choose a design for your chair.
·  Don’t choose a chair solely with the colors of your sofas; inspire yourself from all the elements in your living room.
·  Follow the theme of the other furniture to keep harmony in the room. If you have a monochrome theme, for example, choose something black and white (with an accent of grey maybe) with lines and simple forms.
·  Create a match with the accent pillows on your sofas (if you already have some) or add them to complete your style and make it harmonious.
·   When you choose a place for your accent chair, keep in mind that this is used to enhance your living room. Most of the time, it looks better when it is in positioned in a different angle. See the following examples:

Position 1

Position 2

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